AMY SPARGO - Designer

My passion for design started as early as ten years of age, when I remember my first project – my bedroom. Styling all my trinkets and toys, (well my side of the room anyway) and making my bed perfectly before asking Mum a decorator herself, to photograph the space.


I believe a house should represent the journey of your life. It should tell a story of where you have been and what’s important to you. I aim to create spaces that feel like a home to my client, and a welcoming reflection of their lives to friends and family who visit.


I enjoy working with colour and prints, and always ensure the addition of an unexpected element of surprise. I like to source objects and furniture from both high-end, acclaimed Australian and International suppliers; as well as one off pieces, found by scouring antique stores, which take an interior from feeling predictable, to unique. 

I believe in supporting local artists, builders and trades. Whether it’s constructing my custom joinery designs, upholstering bespoke furniture items or bringing a space to life through art.

After I graduated from Interior Design at RMIT my formal design career started at Rothe Lowman Architects where I formed an understanding of large scale projects, working on the well known Art Series hotels. From here I worked for Nexus Designs, a boutique design firm in Melbourne under Janne Faulkner AM who was one of my greatest inspirations.  I moved to Sydney and opened their NSW office before I founded Maine House Interiors with over 12 years experience in the Design Industry.

The most fulfilling part of each project is the reveal of a completed space. To see the expression on my client’s face, knowing that I have created their imagined vision. I am often asked by happy clients, “how did you know what I wanted!?” 

Perhaps it was my short stint at University, studying Behavioural Science - or because I take the responsibility as a designer to really understand how you live, what you love, what's important to you and how you enjoy spending your time, to heart. This understanding forms the foundation of every one of my interiors. It’s why no two interiors will ever be the same; because we are all different and every design is tailored to each unique client's needs.

I look forward to continue to create beautiful spaces and bringing to life my client's visions,  thank you for stopping by….